TIGRESS GLOVES is not a "cheap knock-off" of the big label gloves costing twice as much. No... Instead, we are innovators and leaders! 

From the very beginning we went with the best materials available. We incorporated a patchless design. We added comfort features, still not available on our competitor's gloves, and we made gloves EXCLUSIVELY FOR FEMALE ATHLETES!

We don't use plastics in place of leather, and give it some fancy name so you believe it is "better". It's not! leather is the best glove material available! It is also much more expensive than plastic. When you pay more for a plastic glove, than you do for a leather glove, you are getting duped! 

Our Master Craftsman is an expert in the glove manufacturing business. He has been instrumental in developing the best gloves on the market, and now he is making Tigress Gloves! You won't find him in front of cameras, visiting famous players or big named companies though. Why? Because unlike those guys, he is the workhorse that actually makes the difference in the glove you receive. He is right where he needs to be... Running the factory and overseeing every handmade Tigress glove!

You can pay more just to say you bought a major label, or you can GET MORE and buy a TIGRESS! 

Get the glove that is made for you! YOUR GAME! YOUR ATTITUDE! YOUR INNER TIGRESS! 

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