Have you noticed all the plastic gloves hitting the market now? 

Do you think it may have something to do with the increases in pricing of natural materials? Hmmm...

How would you market a plastic glove? Would you pay professional athletes to wear it? Would you give it a fancy name? Would you make up some advantage to plastic over leather? Would you say it was lighter, stronger, or wouldn't break down? Would you call it "super"? Would you make it bright with neon colors?

We bet you would do all those things, and guess what... The major glove labels attempting to persuade you that plastic is better, are doing all the same things!

Plastic is the cheapest material you can use for a glove. It is easily produced, requires no tanning process, no ranchers, no feed, no acreage, and it can be made 100% in the cheapest labor countries in the world. 

So why are the gloves still $300 - $400? Because they are trying to make more money!

The more they can dupe a customer into believing they are buying a more innovative glove, the more they can charge. 

In reality, the plastic glove cost much less to produce, and is an inferior product. 

At Tigress Gloves, we will never lower our quality! We will always use the best leather we can get, and we will always provide our customers with the best product on the market.  

We built our name on our quality, and we will continue to do so!

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